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There is a method of playing game that is similar to playing baccarat. The highest point of the game will be at 9, the lowest will be at 0 points, known as “blind”. General play is usually play in groups. Play in large numbers from 2 up to 14 players. But for playing on our web, there are only 2 players per table, 1 operator or dealer and 1 player side. The dealer is call “Banker” and the player is popularly call “Player”. Both are dealt 2 cards each. Bring the totals obtained on the cards together as much as possible. If the first 2 cards total are Pok. Well, immediately competitors without having to draw more.

Simple scoring Players can understand and remember from the following information

Pi is play with 1 deck of 52 cards. Numbered cards from numbers 2 , 3 , 4 , and so on until number 9 are count according to the numbers obtained. Simple and uncomplicated, cards 3 = 3 points, cards 4 = 4 points, etc. Personal English 3 letters J – Q – K are worth 0 points, except English letters A has a value of 1 point. When you get it, you can add numbers accordingly immediately. There may be cases where 3 cards are required to be play game ufabet. The values ​​will be viewed as follows.

  • Three cards are 3 cards of the same number. Able to beat all 2 cards combine except the ones that have been dealt.
  • Flush is a card that has the lowest number of letters. Or 3 cards of the highest value are reduced in a row, the flowers must be the same. Can beat all 2 non-Pock cards.
  • Sorting cards are cards that are arranged in a sequence of 3 cards that do not have the same suit. Can beat all 2 non-Pocket cards.
  • 3 yellow means get all foreign cards that can be anything (J, Q, K) can turn over and win 2 cards that are not poke.

The number of bounces or the payout rate to be receive

1. Win by Pock Get payout rate 1 times or 2 times depending on how many bounces.

2. Win with Tong Received a payout rate of 5 times, considered to be the highest payout of playing Pokdeng.

3. Win by flushing Get payout rate 3 times

4. Win by sorting, get payout rate 3 times.

5. Win with 3 yellow, get payout rate 3 times.

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