Diaz has revealed the origins of playing football with enthusiasm

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Liverpool attacker Luis Diaz has revealed the origins of playing football with enthusiasm and energy because he wanted to make up for his childhood that was far away from the gun. It’s hard to imagine making a living from being a professional footballer ufabet. When it actually happens, I want to make every minute as valuable as possible.

Diaz is a Colombian native in the remote northeastern part of the country. Plus low-standard hygiene because it’s near a coal mine. There is a shortage of good food.

But the destiny of football led to a young boy malnourished. Come to the new star of ‘ Reds ‘ , so the Latin footballer wants to be a model for the younger generations to see that even if it’s from soil. One can strive to become a star if he is honest with his work.  

“ I’m from La Guahira, I’m a grassroots. I myself also often play local level football in my hometown ” , opening mouths to the YouTube channel ‘ UEFA ‘ .

“ It has molded my character. gradually accumulated in many aspects to become a person like today and I believe that it is growing especially playing football. ” 

“ Every match that goes on the field is seen as revenge. I want to keep doing better work. I know that it takes a lot of dedication. But I want to take advantage of every time every minute that I can do. ” 

“ What will the rest get in return? It’s all good. ” 

In the 2021-22 season , Diaz played 64 times for club and national team, more than any other professional player in the world. And then try to do more in the final 6 matches of Liverpool with the goal of hunting 4 champions in the season.