Capello: Ance had luck, but Madrid deserved to win

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Fabio Capello thinks Real Madrid deserved the win as Manchester City advance to the Champions League final despite Carlo Ancelotti’s side having some luck.

Former Italian superstar Fabio Capello has said Carlo Ancelotti has had some luck as Real Madrid reach the Champions League final this season. But admits that the white team play ufabet with determination and deserved to win Manchester City as well, according to a report from ‘Sky Sport Italia’ on Thursday past. 

Ancelotti has the chance to become the first coach to lead the club to a fourth European title. They having already had two successes with AC Milan and another title. With Real Madrid for leading the Whites to face off. With Liverpool in the Champions League final in Paris on 28 May.  

‘I saw Real Madrid, a team that believed in their strength. They created chances and Vinicius made two incredible mistakes,’ Capello said. 

‘Madrid was lucky at the right moment, Ancelotti’s luck was notorious. It was the last roll of the dice that created value. However, I like Real Madrid, they play with determination. Try not to be caught by surprise.’

‘Ancelotti says he wants to focus on defensive games. And they did their best. They had good luck with the ball on the goal line. But in the end I think it deserves to win.’