Bale as he celebrates with his team-mates following the Champions League final

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Real Madrid fans question Gareth Bale as he celebrates with his team-mates following the Champions League final.

         “The Royal Family” turned over to beat Manchester City 3-1 in extra time. Making a total of two games, the ufabet team won with a total score of 6-5, through to the cup final with Liverpool. Who had beaten Villarreal earlier.

         However, during the finals celebrations for the generals, “Los Blancos” was not included in the frame of the Welsh international. Although injured Eden Hazard was also hilarious with his team-mates.

         One fan post a picture of the general in white celebrating the victory with the message: “I wonder @GarethBale11 Where are you tonight?” while another commented, “Bale doesn’t even care.”

         However, Bale posted a picture of Karim Benzema celebrating the goal on his personal Instagram with a fire-and-bounce emoji.

         The 32-year-old was previously without a friend to celebrate the La Liga title with a friend. When he claimed on Twitter that he suffered a back injury and congratulated the friend.

It depends on everyone’s definition of club legend, which is an oft-debated term. If your definition of a club legend focuses on football, Bale is absolutely one. If it goes beyond that into sentimental value and a certain connection with the club, Bale, over the past couple of years, has lost that. And so under that lens, you can see why some fans do not see him as a legend, even as many Madridistas, for whom success in football is No. 1, do.